Secrid Mini Wallet Original Navy

Secrid Mini Wallet Original Navy

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Secrid Mini Wallet Original Navy Blue

We love Navy colors and this is reflected not least in what we sell, Navy colored belts, harnesses and butterflies. So it's no wonder that Secrid is also on that wagon and has now come up with a new Mini Wallet in Navy colored leather.

Here, design is paramount, thought over the details and this card holder exudes real quality.

The exterior of the card holder is made of genuine cowhide leather and the robust aluminum core easily protects your cards.

The Mini Wallet is compact and, due to the push-button closure, suitable for lying in your bag, jacket or trouser pocket.

The card protector protects your six most important cards, both from being bent or broken and from having your RFID cards scanned if you do not want them (such as travel cards, ID cards, the latest credit cards and business cards).

Smart "flip up" function that provides easy access to your cards.
  • Can easily hold up to 8 cards.
  • All Secrid card holders provide RFID protection.
  • Secrid's card holders are delivered in a nice gift box.

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