Rieker W0600-90

Rieker W0600-90

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Rieker REVOLUTION is a new line of modern sports shoes with a huge emphasis on comfort and convenience even during all-day wear.

There is beauty in simplicity and this applies doubly to this model, which is why these RIEKER sneakers should not be missing from your wardrobe. The top, combined in color and material, creates a perfect ensemble that you can easily match with your outfit. Tying is classic with laces for a perfect fit to your foot. Comfort while walking is ensured by the removable RevolutionSoft insole, which makes every step absolutely charming. Shoes are a great addition to clothes for the park, but also for work.

RevolutionSoft – a unique insole made of memory foam that softens the foot, but also adapts to the shape of your foot as much as possible.
This shoe is equipped with a removable insole.

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