Rieker 68872-33

Rieker 68872-33

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  • Ideal for summer

    Ensure your feet unbeatable comfort by choosing practical shoes on a flat sole. This is an ideal model for summer – especially for fans of outdoor activities!

  • Durable insole

    Ensure your feet comfort and proper softness by choosing shoes with a fabric insole. With this model you can go for a summer walk, to the city or the seaside promenade.

  • A summer go-to

    The interior of these shoes has been lined with a durable material that will provide you with additional comfort. This is an ideal choice for summer in the city or outdoor settings.

  • Strong sole

    In summer reach for shoes that, thanks to the sole made from high-quality material, stand out with their exceptional design.

  • Leather upper

    Comfortable feet, especially in the summer, should be the key feature when choosing shoes. Those made of natural grain leather are timeless, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

  • Velcro

    These shoes feature practical and functional Velcro straps. Thanks to which, putting shoes on is easy and fun like never before!

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