Rieker 53751-35

Rieker 53751-35

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  • Durable eco-leather

    Shoes made of beautiful eco-leather are the perfect base for an outfit. They are easy to care for and look no different from natural leather models.

  • Comfortable interior

    Shoes with an elevated sole require solutions to enhance their comfort. One of them is an eco-leather lining, which helps secure the feet in the right place and is very durable.

  • Classic wedge

    Wedges are synonymous with femininity and grace. Choose shoes that provide your feet with great comfort!

  • Durable finish

    Wedges are the perfect shoes for a summer walk, so it’s important that they are durable and comfortable. Choose those with a sole made of high-quality material, which is known for its solid finish.

  • On at once

    If you value shoes that you can put on easily, quickly and efficiently, slip-on wedge shoes are the perfect choice for you. They are beautiful, feminine and very practical!

  • Leather insole

    A leather insole in wedges will provide soft support for your foot. Don’t make the length of your walk dependent on the height of your heel! Enjoy full comfort of walking, regardless of the distance!

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