Remonte R1429-33
Remonte R1429-33

Remonte R1429-33

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REMONTE shoes - this is a higher line of the RIEKER brand, this shoe is characterized by an excellent combination of upper materials. The simple, yet innovative design of these ankle boots will catch your eye at first glance. The glossy upper part of the shoe is completed with a matte edging on the toe and heel. For your comfort, the shoes are equipped with a special tex membrane, a removable memory insole and a sole with an interesting pattern. You can easily and quickly put on the ankle boots thanks to the side functional zip, flexible textile hem in the area around the ankle.

Remonte TEX – a functional layer that makes the shoe waterproof and yet breathable.
RemonteSoft – a unique insole made of memory foam that softens the foot, but also maximally adapts to the shape of your foot.
This shoe is equipped with a removable insole.

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