Remonte D3808-33
Remonte D3808-33

Remonte D3808-33

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The super comfortable sneaker with zipper and lacing has a removable insole made of genuine leather. The fashionably decorated upper consists of a mix of genuine leather and imitation leather.

Lace-up trainers with a difference, Remonte’s D3808 offer you a casual, flat and flexible shoe that is both comfortable and characterful.

D3808 has a textile upper, also available in white/denim (81), denim-navy (14) or black and silver print (04), both with a burgundy sole unit, heel counter, toe bumper and lace. The bold, contrast coloured lace threads through five eyelets and allows you to adjust the tightness or looseness of the fit to your feet. Alongside the lace is a short, chunky, pewter zip is incorporated into the outer side shaft. Serving both a fashionable and functional purpose, the zip looks good and facilitates quick and easy access into the shoes.

D3808-33 is a generous G-fitting shoe that is made all the more comfortable because of its soft, absorptive textile lining, removable insole and textured TPE sole unit. TPE is a hard-wearing material that has the added advantage of providing a flexible and shock absorbing foundation underfoot.

Fun, youthful and contemporary in style, Remonte’s D33808 is the creative solution you’ve been looking for.

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