Merrell Terran Post II J55328

Merrell Terran Post II J55328

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Merrell’s Terran Post II is a simple, stylish sandal ideal for travelling adventures in hot climates. It has a cool and carefree style with bright pops of textile over a luxurious nubuck leather. The upper wraps around the big toe then sweeps at a diagonal across the top of the foot where it attaches to the base near the back of the arch. The large band of nubuck spreading across the upper keeps the foot secure and stable, creating a secure and comfortable fit that places no restriction on your freedom of movement.

The design and materials used in the construction of this mule are lightweight and breathable. The leather upper is lined with Lycra® neoprene that sits softly against the skin, and the spongy, air-cushioned footbed has a tactile microfibre lined insole. Together with Terran’s contoured EVA footbed that offers additional support under the arch and ball areas of your feet, the fit of these sandals is wonderfully comfortable.

Finally, Terran has a beautiful leaf-pattern M-Select™ GRIP outsole that provides traction and grip for secure footing. Who says functional sandals can’t also be attractive?

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