Manitobah Mukluk Hummingbird 2060106/226

Manitobah Mukluk Hummingbird 2060106/226

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The Hummingbird & Flower mukluk pattern was designed by Aboriginal artist Corrine Hunt. To Corrine, the hummingbird is a symbol of peace, tranquility, community, nurturing and love. "The hummingbird has a pleasant energy; it is unlike any other bird," she says. The Hummingbird and Flower design reminds us of the connectivity between all living things; the hummingbird draws from the flower as the flower draws from the Earth.  In this design, Corrine honours a ceremonious circle of life.  We are bound through our connectedness and are therefore bound to care for each other- just as the Earth, the flower and the hummingbird are bound and connected.

Created thousands of years ago, Mukluks were created to survive in the coldest places in Canada. Now as a contemporary Métis company, MANITOBAH MUKLUKS continues the tradtions by combining modern techniques and materials to make functional mukluks for urban environments. The sole was created by Vibram in tandem with Aboriginal artists to make these mukluks durable.


  • Foot Lining: Sheepskin Shearling
  • Height 12" Tall
  • Materials: Grain Leather
  • Sole: Tipi Vibram

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