Icetrax Midflip
Icetrax Midflip

Icetrax Midflip

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  • HIDE SPIKES WHEN NOT NEEDED: The winter shoe grip has 2 positions; the outdoor position with the spikes used for traction, and the indoor position with the spikes safely hidden on top of the crampons
  • EASILY SWITCH FROM OUTDOORS TO INDOORS: The Easy Flip Strap makes changing the winter boot cleat from the outdoor position to indoor position as easy as adjusting a boot buckle
  • KEEP YOUR HANDS CLEAN: Switch the Easy Flip Strap without touching the bottom of the snow cleats, keeping your hands clean and dry when changing from the outdoor to indoor position
  • ADJUSTABLE TO FIT MOST FOOTWEAR: The snow grips adjust to fit most boots and shoes between US size 5 to 13. The boot spikes can be used anywhere under the front of the foot for comfort and traction
  • REPLACEABLE TUNGSTEN SPIKES: The shoe spikes for winter have 5 replaceable hardened tungsten carbide spikes for lightweight, durable traction. 2 replacement spikes are included with the ice grips

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