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Founded in the Black Forest region of Southern Germany in 1874, Rieker’s philosophy has always been to provide not just a better product, but the best people can buy. Rieker produces high quality leisure products that not only look good, but enhance the wearer’s lifestyle. Rieker shoes are famous for their longevity. In today’s lifestyle driven market, Rieker is unique in being able to quickly respond to the fashion trends that men, women, and young people desire. All while providing the product functions important to feel good in everyday life. Rieker is currently represented in over 70 countries worldwide. In 1995, Rieker expanded into the Canadian market which has allowed Rieker to focus on product development that suits the needs of the Canadian market. Today the Rieker Canada corporate office and distribution center is located in Concord, Vaughan, Ontario.


Remonte is a sister brand under the Rieker umbrella and is also distributed widely in Canada and other international markets. Remonte is committed to a young and modern design style with high-quality materials. Its tradition of craftsmanship goes back over 100 years. With a fashion-forward philosophy and a passion for comfort, Remonte offers a youthful and trendy collection for all.


To ensure that walking is always a pleasure, and that your feet do not feel tired, all Rieker and Remonte shoes feature cleverly designed technical lightweight interiors, and flexible outsoles with shock-absorbing qualities, that ensure comfort and relief with every step. Rieker and Remonte is where fashion means comfort and quality lasts right out of the box.

People who go shop for Remonte and Rieker are searching for shoes that offer total foot support and in-vogue style.

Whether you want a shoe that you can pull on easily for trips out or need a design that can really add some glamour for a special occasion, Remonte and Rieker has the ideal pair for you.

Remonte is synonymous with genuine leather quality, design, functionality and aesthetics. We do not forego our tried and true, popular comfort widths, interchangeable insoles and super-flexible outsoles in any of our collections. Remonte offers comfort for any look. For modern, athletic women who value youthful design and aesthetics, in addition to an excellent price-to-performance ratio.

Tradition meets brand-name quality

At Remonte, quality always means compelling design and attention to detail. We select our materials, such as supple, durable, primarily genuine leather; vibrant textiles and lightweight, synthetic mesh, so that look and function fit together perfectly. A Remonte collection therefore always represents the latest fashionable colours, trendy designs and sophisticated technologies.

The finest materials and meticulously crafted technology

We use this innovative technology in our shoes just for you, so your feet feel simply great! Lite 'n Soft – ultra lightweight, soft and breathable inserts for feather-light walking and more comfort on the go. Softfoam inserts, made from breathable micro-velour, adjust to your individual foot shape. Remonte TEX - all-weather material blend with water-repellent TEX membrane and maximum breathability. Particularly comfortable SOFT footbed with extra soft, shock-absorbing tread surface. Comfort widths G and H – provide more leeway for your feet and a perfect fit.

Fashionable meets comfort

At Remonte, quality always means compelling design and attention to detail. With ladies' shoes from Remonte, women are on the cutting edge of fashion and most shoe models are mostly made from genuine leather and available in large sizes, up to size 45. From sporty trainers in stylish designs, to classic pumps and mid-height boots, to trendy sandals with glam factor, Remonte offers an incredible selection of trendy ladies' shoes for every season and weather condition.

Shoes made with passion

Women are on the cutting edge of fashion and comfortable on their feet with ladies' shoes from Remonte. In addition, many of our shoes are made from genuine leather and have an interchangeable insole, some of which are available up to a size 45.

Founded in Hauenstein in the Palatinate, Remonte belongs to the internationally renowned Rieker Group – tied together by a tradition of craftsmanship stretching back to 1876. The Remonte team passionately designs and manufactures true ladies' favourites for that perfect feel-good outfit each and every day. In each pair of brand-name Remonte shoes, there is brand-name quality at a fair price and our keen sense of fashion trends, with plenty of attention to detail accumulated from over 140 years of artisan experience.

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