What Is RiekerTex?

What is RiekerTex / Remonte Tex?

Rieker Tex and Remonte Tex are found in a wide selection of Fall and Winter boots produced by Rieker and Remonte. Many people ask if they need to care for their boot in a special way if it has RemonteTex or RiekerTex.

The truth is that there is LESS maintenance rather than more when it comes to Rieker/Remonte Tex. All that needs to be done to care for the boot is washing it with a warm, damp cloth. The water repellent membrane (a layer found between both the inner and outer material) keeps your feet dry while taking moisture out. Rieker and Remonte Tex can be found in both leather and vegan friendly shoes.

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NOTE: The materials are water resistant to zipper height. Water may still penetrate the zipper, and/or buckles on all Rieker and Remonte products.

IMPORTANT: Do not spray any Rieker or Remonte boot or the leather will be damaged! It's already waterproof so just use a damp cloth.

Vegan Friendly*

With these products we are reducing the amount of animal based products used in the construction of our footwear, and the major components are Vegan. However, it cannot be stated as Vegan rather Vegan-friendly; as it may have small amounts of materials that cannot be verified as 100% animal-free.

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