Tips For a Great (and Safe) Winter Exercise

A little bit of snow shouldn't stop you and your family from exploring all that Canada has to offer! All the parks and sites you visited during the Summer will look completely different now that old man Winter has done his redecorating.

Here are some tips for having a great experience exercising and hiking this Winter season:

Tip #1: Get proper footwear! It starts here right at your feet. Without proper footwear we can't guarantee you'll be safe from slips and falls now that ice and snow have descended on our great country. A pair of Merrell Arctic grip shoes would make sure your feet stay on the ground and your bum stays off of it!

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Tip #2: Stay hydrated! Don't forget your water! Just because you're not hot and sweaty doesn't mean you'll stay hydrated without drinking lots of water! Bring a reusable bottle in your bag or jacket and take periodic sips from it.

Tip #3: Dress Warm! You may be working up a sweat. But you’ll still need equipment to protect you from the ice, snow and cold. So break out the balaclava when necessary. Dress in layers and wear longer socks or tight workout pants that will keep the wind away from your ankles.

Tip #4: Don't go out at night! Consider the risk of slipping or falling. You may have the best footwear we offer but maybe your friend or family member that's out exploring with you doesn't. Don't take the risk of going out at night and stick to daylight hours so you can more easily watch for ice. Always carry your smartphone. This way, you can call for help if you ever need it. 

Now go out there and explore your favorite parks with a pair of revolutionary "ArcticGrip" shoes!

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