Get A Grip This Winter!

There is finally a solution to staying safe this Winter! Since not all of us are fortunate enough to fly south like the birds and the grandparents we need warm and safe Winter boots! To stay here in the North without proper footwear for the winter is risky and dangerous. Fortunately there is a solution - actually many - that will keep you safe from slipping this Winter.

Merrell and Kodiak's Arctic Grip

Merrell and Kodiak has partnered up with Vibram to bring Arctic Grip to their Winter boots. Acrtic Grip is made of a secret compound that holds on to frozen surfaces with ease and is said to maintain its unrivaled ice grip for over 200 miles of use. Combining superior durability with winter safety, Vibram's Arctic Grip creates a fantastic Winter boot that will last for ages.

Shop Merrell Arctic Grip here

Shop Kodiak Arctic Grip here

Olang's ALASKA Outsole

OLANG went a different route to ensure winter safety. Their Alaska Outsole allows the metal spikes to be flipped over in slippery conditions but switched back during walks on hardwood floors.



NEXX Retractable Cleats

With a similar design as OLANG, NEXX keeps you safe using retractable metal cleats. These cleats dig into the ice and provide stability and can be stowed away when not in use. They are easy to deploy and require no special tools. They are also made of rust-resistant stainless steel.


Romika's ROMI GRIP

Romika also has a sole that sticks to slippery surfaces, it is advanced, ice-gripping technology that is used to create unmatched traction on wet ice so that you are safe this Winter. ROMI GRIP is Romika's own ice gripping technology that is featured on the Ventura Line of boots. Shop Ventura

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