EU to US to UK Sizing Chart

With so many shoe sizing systems out there it can become quite a chore with international markets becoming normal and people purchasing AUS, UK, EU and US shoes from across the world.

The European system (EU) for determining foot size is great because it is for both sexes and for adults and children alike therefore being one of the most straightforward ways to measure your feet. It has it's problems though because throughout European countries different methods for measurin and manufacting shoes takes place. So a French 37 and a German 37 will not be the same.

In Australia and New Zealand, the UK system is followed for men and children's footwear. Women's footwear follows the US sizings. So that's confusing!

US sizing is different depending on if you are a man or a woman, a youth or an adult and if the shoe is athletic or not.

UK shoes are similar to a US men where it is 1 unit lower. It's all confusing stuff so it's best to try on the pair and use your shoe size as a helpful pointer in the right direction.

Who knows, maybe the Europeans are onto something. Hopefully we get an international version sometime soon and we won't have to bother with all of these charts but, for now, here it is;

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